Thank you for your interest in educational programs available for you and your child at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Here are just a few of the upcoming educational opportunities in October.


This year’s theme is Chemistry Colors Our World! Look for activities focusing on the chemistry of food colors and fireworks, rainbows, natural dyes and pigments, and much more. The Innovation Studios will feature hands-on chemistry based activities that will engage and excite one and all.  Each day will bring new experiences to enjoy. Museum staff will be joined by the American Chemical Society Student Groups from area universities to share in the fun! 


Thursday, October 22 from 1:30 pm-4:00 pm

We have created special experiences for homeschool audiences after the traditional field trip groups leave for the day.  Check out our website in early October for more details.

Please note:  Chemistry Week topics, activities and environments are designed for students ages 8 and older.

Museum School® Fall Classes for Homeschool Students

A multi-week class featuring challenge projects in science, technology, engineering and math

Engineers dream up creative, practical solutions and work with teams of people to invent, design, and build things that matter. When engineers set out to solve a problem, their first solution is rarely their best. They tinker, try different ideas, fail, learn from mistakes, and try again. The series of steps engineers use to arrive at a solution is called the design process. In STEM Squad, students will work through a challenge using the design process to brainstorm and collaborate, design, build, test, evaluate and revise when needed. The design process provides a structured way to take an idea from the initial to “finished product” stages, using information from mistakes that are made along the way. At the end of each class, teams will display their projects and share their experiences with parents. 

Click here to download a PDF of the Museum class brochure which contains more information about the homeschool STEM Squad classes as well as Saturday classes. The brochure has class dates, times, fees, descriptions, registration instructions and the registration form. Register now by mail, fax or phone. (On-site registration is not available. Fax and phone registrations require the use of a credit card.) Your confirmation will be mailed soon after the registration is processed.

For questions about classes or the registration process, call 817-255-9335 or send an Email to  We look forward to serving you and your family soon!


Download the Chemistry Colors Our World Educator Guide for great hands-on science activities for your students:

We mention it all the time, but is our staff’s favorite website for math and science activities.  The Advanced Search menu is fantastic and will help you find just the perfect activity or website for your student.

The Teachers TryScience web site ( offers several hundred STEM lesson plans for teachers from upper elementary through high school grades.  The topics are cutting edge, meant to demonstrate the relevance and excitement of science and engineering to students.  Each plan includes instructions and a list of materials for a hands-on team-building project that brings the lessons alive.  IBM developed Teachers TryScience as a community service to help prepare students for STEM careers and interests.

Imagine donating your computing devices' idle computing power when it's on but you're not using it actively, whether for a short break or for hours at a time.  Imagine that computing power helping global researchers speed their work toward finding cures for cancer and Ebola, or making solar power cells more efficient.  You can do exactly that and have a teachable moment at the same time by downloading World Community Grid  (  Hundreds of thousands of "donors" have enabled more than 1.1 million years of computing power to help dozens of researchers speed up their work in a very safe manner.  Get more info and sign up at the link above.  


Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Research and Learning Center aims to immerse museum guests in the scientific discovery process as it brings researchers into the Innovation Studios to share their research with the public. Museum guests will have opportunities to learn from these scientists as they participate in current research studies, discuss research with the scientists, and find out how the research impacts their day-to-day lives. Studies occur on Saturdays.

August and September studies include:

 Fast, slow, high, low: which musical features can increase our task productivity? 

University of North Texas

 Does our willpower have limits?

University of Texas at Austin

 To learn more, including specific times when studies will be offered, contact


September 26, 2015 - Day in the District

February 25, 2016 - Engineers Week Homeschool Afternoon-February 25, 2016    Join area professionals for an afternoon of hands-on engineering experiences. For more information, visit

Fun Fact
The Museum School was one of the first museum preschools accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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